Can you imagine what a dinosaur looks like, moves like or sounds like without thinking of Jurassic Park?

It isn’t just a movie. It pioneered advancements in visual effects that made you believe dinosaurs roamed the Earth again. It left your eyes wide, your jaw open and your heart racing.

Jurassic Park answered the question of how much story, how much fun and how much spectacle could fit into one perfect summer motion picture.JWweb_2424_AB0220_COMP_053785_1061R.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_SB_00075NBR.JPG_cmykJURASSIC__SB_00033R.JPG_cmyk Now, the story of STEVEN SPIELBERG’s original comes full circle as the park that was only a promise comes to life.

Welcome to Jurassic World

Twenty-two years ago, Dr. John Hammond had a dream: a theme park where visitors from all over the world could experience the thrill and awe of witnessing actual dinosaurs.

Now, his dream has finally become a reality.

Welcome to Jurassic World, a fully operational luxury resort where tens of thousands of guests explore the wonder and brilliance of Earth’s most magnificent living prehistoric marvels and interact up close with them every day.JURASSIC_D027_00274R.JPG_cmykSituated on an island off the coast of Costa Rica and constructed around a bustling Main Street, Jurassic World is a state-of-the-art wonder full of astonishing attractions. Kids ride gentle mini Triceratops in the petting zoo, crowds cheer as the aquatic Mosasaurus leaps from a performance pool to snatch a great white shark dangled as a snack, and families gaze with fascination as dinosaurs of every shape and size roam again, all displayed and safely contained for the guests’ amusement.

Overseeing every corner of Jurassic World is driven careerist Claire (BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD of The Help), who finds herself unexpectedly saddled with the arrival of her nephews, Zach, 16 (NICK ROBINSON of TV’s Melissa & Joey), and Gray, 11 (TY SIMPKINS of Insidious series). Although they’ve been shipped off by their mom, Karen (JUDY GREER of Ant-Man), to spend a few days at Jurassic World, Claire has no time for the distraction of two visiting kids and loads them down with passes, sending them off to explore the park.JURASSIC_D062_00075_CROP.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_D061_00429RV2.JPG_cmykThe park’s miraculous animals are created by Dr. Henry Wu (BD WONG of Jurassic Park), a geneticist who once worked for InGen, the company behind Hammond’s first park, and now for the larger-than-life billionaire benefactor of Jurassic World, Simon Masrani (IRRFAN KHAN of Life of Pi). Because the commercial prosperity of the park demands new innovations every year to keep guests returning, Dr. Wu is pushed beyond the bounds of ethical science, manipulating genetics to engineer a genetically modified dinosaur that never walked the Earth before, and whose abilities remain undiscovered.

The most secretive new breed developed by Dr. Wu and yet to be debuted in the park is the massive and mysterious Indominus rex. Raised in isolation after devouring its only sibling, the Indominus rex, whose genetic makeup has been classified, is reaching maturity. To help assess the creature and the security of its containment, Claire visits Owen (CHRIS PRATT of Guardians of the Galaxy), an ex-military expert in animal behavior working at a secluded research base on the periphery of the main park. Owen is years into a training study with a pack of aggressive Velociraptors, over whom he’s established an alpha relationship that balances the animals precariously between reluctant obedience and predatory revolt.JURASSIC_D030_00167R.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_SB_00015NBR.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_GA_0540_CMP_0207062_M_G_SRGB_086457R.JPG_cmykWhen the Indominus rex—whose capacities for savagery and intelligence are unknown—stages an escape and disappears within the depths of the jungle, every creature in Jurassic World, both dinosaur and human, is threatened. For Claire, the lives that matter most are those of her nephews, who have ventured off course in a gyrosphere vehicle that allows 360-degree visibility of the world all around them. Now, Owen and Claire join the hunt for the boys as order inside the park turns to mayhem and guests turn into prey. Dinosaurs escape into the open, the skies and the water to engage in an all-out war for survival, and no corner within the world’s greatest theme park is safe anymore.

The hero of our story is a man who is as quick in repartee as he is in decisive action: Owen is a military veteran who respects the precarious place of humans in the natural order and now works at a behavioral facility on the outskirts of Jurassic World. He operates outside the system but needs its backing to fund his raptor research, which places him in the uncomfortable position of working for the establishment while rebelling against it.

While Owen’s first date with Claire was actually their last, he still spars with her at every opportunity, relishing the moment when she needs his help in Jurassic World. And Claire’s never needed it more than when a crisis erupts that she can’t solve with her immediate team. Drawn into unexpected service from his outlying facility, it’s up to Owen to step up before all hell breaks loose. He is the consummate adventurer—a classic hero in the rough—one who lives by his own wits, ingenuity and raw instinct.JURASSIC_D034_00180RV4.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_D065_00148R_CROP.JPG_cmykPratt was drawn to Owen’s strength, character and decisiveness, and admits that he had to exercise restraint to quell his own comedic instincts during filming.

Claire watches Jurassic World from the sanitized safety of a control booth, where she monitors all activity (human and dinosaur alike) from a safe distance. Indeed, she views the dinosaurs strictly as “assets” and has lost sight of the wonder and power they exhibit. It is only when things fall apart that Claire experiences the park from a completely different perspective: as the hunted.

In classic Spielberg fashion, audiences first experience the magic and wonder of Jurassic World from the perspective of a child. As the story begins, Claire is visited by her sister’s boys, Gray and Zach, who have been shipped away while their parents negotiate their impending divorce. Gray is an 11-year-old boy full of limitless curiosity and energy who is wide-eyed with excitement from the minute he boards the ferry for Isla Nublar. Anxious to explore every inch of Jurassic World and acutely perceptive of details in the world around him, he is awed by seeing dinosaurs that he’d only read about in books come to life. Gray is on the adventure of his young lifetime, and his natural inquisitiveness—and some pressure from his big brother—drive him to go beyond the boundaries of what his parents would ok.

When chaos erupts on Isla Nublar—and it always does—the brothers are forced to rely on each other to survive, something that breaks down the walls between them and brings them closer together.JURASSIC_D067_00065_R.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_D066_00230R.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_D044_00369_RV2.JPG_cmykThe sole character of the storied franchise who is returning to the series is actor BD Wong, who reprises his role as Dr. Hammond’s lead geneticist, Dr. Wu. First introduced in Jurassic Park, Dr. Wu is the lead scientist responsible for bridging the gap between the past and present.

It was Dr. Wu who ingeniously discovered the process of successfully revitalizing dinosaurs whose DNA was found in amber-trapped mosquitos. In the 22 years since the disastrous events on Isla Nublar, Dr. Wu has since continued his groundbreaking work with the support of Simon Masrani, Jurassic World’s generous—and quite complex— benefactor. Pushed by his own scientific curiosity and the demands from the park’s executors for new sensations, Wu’s latest creation has moved away from the wonders of rebirth to the uncharted realms of genetic modification.JURASSIC_D050_00214RV2_CROP.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_FTT_00071AR_CROP.JPG_cmykThrilled to revisit the role, Wong was intrigued by Dr. Wu’s progressive fall into more questionable ethical practices.

Entrusted with the task of fulfilling Dr. Hammond’s legacy to create a safe haven where humans and dinosaurs can coexist, larger-than-life billionaire Masrani is Jurassic World’s flashy benefactor and public showman. Despite the warnings of Owen, Masrani is more interested in dazzling his park’s guests by engineering a dinosaur with ever- more-intimidating features than he is with the worrisome details of asset containment.Seasoned actor VINCENT D’ONOFRIO, a performer of screens big and small, from Men in Black to TV’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent, was asked to play Hoskins the antagonist in the film, “Hoskins is essentially a security contractor whose perspective is that these animals are worth using instead of losing human lives. An animal is not computer-programmed and can’t be hacked. To be able to hook an apparatus on them and give them commands would be good for a multitude of uses…and a better alternative to risking human lives.”

Last but not least of the principal players is Lowery. A technical engineer whose mess of a workstation and smart-ass attitude belie a respect for the creatures he helps oversee, Lowery is Claire’s trusted lieutenant with electronic eyes on every corner of Jurassic World. JAKE JOHNSON (TV’s New Girl, Let’s Be Cops), understood the value of delivering some laughs into the intense action- adventure film.JWweb_2424_D013_00354R_CROP.JPG_cmykJWweb_2424_D012_00389R.JPG_cmykJWweb_2424_D012_00083R.JPG_cmykCASTING

Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment present—in association with Legendary Pictures—A Colin Trevorrow film: Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, BD Wong and Irrfan Khan. The film’s music is by Michael Giacchino, and the Jurassic Park theme is by John Williams. The costume designer is Daniel Orlandi. Jurassic World is edited by Kevin Stitt, ACE, and its production designer is Edward Verreaux. The director of photography is John Schwartzman, ASC, and the executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Thomas Tull. The film is produced by Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley, and it is based on characters created by Michael Crichton. Jurassic World’s story is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver, and its screenplay is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Derek Connolly & Colin Trevorrow. The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow.JURASSIC_FPF_00354R.JPG_cmykJURASSIC_SB_00075NBR.JPG_cmyk