FIAT 500 2015


2015 FIAT 500 (Spanish below)

Angelica Willard

You can feel the Italian heritage in the “cute”, pretty and confortable 2015 FIAT 500L. Since the modern Fiat 500’s global launch in 2007, more than 1 million of these city-friendly vehicles have been sold in more than 110 countries worldwide. And now with the Fiat 500L, the Cinquecento has grown up to accommodate even more of life’s greatest experiences and emotions all together: children, friends, journeys, music and community. The letter “L” sums up the six dimensions of the Fiat 500L:

“Leveraging,” the FIAT brand’s approach to its iconic Cinquecento design DNA, “Large,” meant as functionality and space via its “small-wide” vehicle architecture with “cab forward” design that enables this Cinquecento to offer: Best-in-class interior volume – Best-in-class front head and shoulder room – Best-in-class rear cargo space (with back seats up), “Loft,” a trendsetting environment with segment-exclusive glass A- to D-pillars and an available large dual-pane glass sunroof (20.7 sq. ft. / 1.92 m2) for panoramic views, “Lifestyle,” four unique models, including the Fiat 500L Trekking that blends rugged styling and versatility for a Cinquecento that complements customers with a highly active lifestyle, “Light,” when ‘lightness’ means human- and eco-friendly technology.FT015_084FHPaired with its tight European handling and quick steering, the sixth dimension, “Liters,” defines the fuel-efficient MultiAir Turbo engine in the Fiat 500L, providing class-leading standard horsepower per liter (117 hp/liter) with an output of 160 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. For driver precision and control, the Fiat 500L features a six-speed manual transmission, six-speed Euro Twin Clutch transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission.
Building upon the Cinquecento’s fun-to-drive DNA, the 2015 Fiat 500L features a touring-tuned chassis, which complements its MultiAir Turbo engine’s best-in-class horsepower and torque.
To deliver class-leading levels of control and comfort, the Fiat 500L features a MacPherson front-suspension design with exceptional rigidity for increased cornering performance and reduced weight.FT015_087FHA specially designed front cross member serves two roles by providing rigidity to achieve greater acoustic comfort and to integrate a third-load line to improve energy absorption in the event of a crash. The adoption of a “split” type shock absorber mounting transmits road vibrations to the body through two different routes for improved acoustics and better efficiency of the shock absorber.
At the rear, the Fiat 500L features a torsion axle structure with a high level of rolling rigidity to save the weight of an anti-roll bar. Unique to the North American market are specially tuned bushings that deliver ride control and comfort, with the durability needed for more treacherous unpaved roadways.
The Fiat 500L for North America features Koni frequency selective damping (FSD) front strut and rear shock absorbers to deliver improved road-holding and handling characteristics. In addition, the Koni FSD system actively filters out high-frequency suspension inputs from uneven road surfaces and adjusts for comfort and smoothness while maintaining excellent ride control.
The Fiat 500L has more than 40 available safety and security features, including seven standard air bags, reactive head restraints, electronic stability control (ESC) and ParkView rear backup camera.
Illustrating purposeful Italian design, the Fiat 500L features segment-exclusive glass from the A- and D-pillars for an interior environment nearly encapsulated by 360-degree views. For a sporty appearance, the belt- and window-molding surrounds are trimmed in Nero (black).FT015_096FH
In addition to a monotone look, the five-passenger Cinquecento offers even more style with its “floating” roof painted in Nero or Bianco (white). The Fiat 500L also provides first- and second-row passengers with cityscape views through a 20.7 sq. ft. (1.92 m2) dual-pane glass system.
Fiat 500L features innovative technology
Uconnect 5.0
The 2015 Fiat 500L features the Uconnect 5.0 system with a 5-inch touchscreen that enables handsfree calling via Bluetooth-equipped phones, as well as voice-command control of AM/FM, and optional SiriusXM Radio, USB media port and navigation system. Compatible smartphones, equipped with Bluetooth and Message Access Profile (MAP), can receive text messages and send from a list of 18 pre-defined messages. Digital music can be streamed wirelessly from compatible Bluetooth smartphones or audio players supported by a media hub equipped with an auxiliary jack and USB port that enables recharging and seamless operation of portable devices. An integrated CD player offers additional media flexibility.
Also available on the Fiat 500L is the Uconnect 6.5 model with a 6.5-inch touchscreen display, voice operation of AM/FM and standard SiriusXM Radio, mobile phones and navigation with intuitive map graphics. Additional features include handsfree calling, text messaging (with MAP compatible phones, check for compatibility) and audio streaming via compatible Bluetooth-enabled phones, personalization settings and a premium media hub with USB and auxiliary ports, as well as SD card reader. Both Uconnect 5.0 and 6.5 systems are available with optional ParkView rear backup camera.
The 2015 500L offers the FIAT brand’s state-of-the-art eco:Drive, demonstrating that an automaker’s environmental responsibility should extend beyond the production line to the actual way customers drive their cars.FT015_035FH
Included on Uconnect 5.0, eco:Drive collects and calculates all necessary data relating to vehicle efficiency and transmits it to the 5-inch touchscreen so drivers can view the information in real time. The information also can be transmitted through the USB port to any configured USB memory stick. Plug the stick into a personal computer, and the feature details vehicle performance, such as per trip CO2 emission levels. In addition, eco:Drive analyzes the driver’s style and provides recommendations on how to modify his or her driving style to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Base Price: $21,545 – With Optional Equipment $29,795

Basic Warranty: 4 year/50,000Miles

Fuel Economy 22mpg City – 30mpg Highway

FIAT 500L 2015

Por Angelica Willard –

Un automóvil pequeño/mediano/práctico, muy espacioso por dentro y con una visibilidad muy amplia al exterior. Situada en los Estados Unidos la marca de origen italiano, ha cautivado los amantes de los vehículos “adorables”.FT015_080FHEl FIAT 500L tiene el frente característico de FIAT 500, pero mayor amplitud que le aporta aspecto y actitud de distinción, además de funcionalidad. La máscara delantera y los conductos de refrigeración brindan aire fresco al motor MultiAir Turbo de 1.4L. Con la elección de colores de exterior disponibles con acabados metalizados, no metalizados y perlados más el techo y los espejos pintados de Nero (negro) o Bianco (blanco) disponible, el FIAT 500L se convierte en un colorido reflejo de tu estilo personal.

Interior espaciosoFT015_036FHCon casi 123 pies cúbicos en el interior, el espacio se hace confortable para el conductor y los pasajeros. Se puede disfrutar de los asientos traseros plegables, reclinables y deslizables, práctico almacenamiento y amplio espacio para la cabeza y las piernas.

Características: -Ruedas de aleación de aluminio de 16″ -Tres opciones de color de techo disponibles -Vidrio trasero polarizado intenso -Bisel del panel de instrumentos con cuatro opciones de color -Sistema Uconnect 5.0 con pantalla táctil de 5″, radio AM/FM, reproductor de CD, Voice -Commando con Bluetooth+, eco:Drive, llamadas manos libres+ y Bluetooth Streaming Audio -Hub de medios con interfaz para USB, reproductor de MP3 y dispositivo móvil iPod -Seis altavoces de alta calidad -Tres distintivas opciones de asientos de tela -Consola de largo completo en el piso con apoyabrazos -Perilla de la palanca de cambios y volante forrados en cuero con detalles cromados -Se ofrece la colección Premier sin costo adicional, incluye: sistema Uconnect 6.5 con pantalla táctil de 6.5″ y navegación GPS, cámara de visión trasera ParkView+ y sistema de asistencia para estacionar en reversa ParkSense -Techo corredizo eléctrico de doble panel disponible -Transmisión automática europea con doble embrague de seis velocidades disponible con AutoStick -Se incluye radio satelital SiriusXM con un año de servicio en ciertas colecciones disponibles -Asientos del. con calef. dispon. -Sofisticados asientosFT015_090FHEl FIAT 500L tiene mucho espacio para la cabeza y las piernas, además de asientos individuales delanteros de tela en tres opciones de color con soporte lumbar y asientos traseros plegables, reclinables y deslizables que puedes configurar fácilmente para transportar artículos grandes.

Tiene transmisión manual de seis velocidades, o puede pedirlo con la transmisión automática europea con doble embrague que hace los cambios automáticamente pero funciona con la eficiencia de una transmisión manual. Ambas configuraciones ayudan a brindar un desempeño óptimo, y le provocará el placer de tener el control.FT015_098FHSeguridad

Tiene un sistema de siete bolsas de aire que incluye innovadoras bolsas de aire de múltiples etapas para conductor y pasajero delantero, bolsa de aire para rodillas del conductor, cortinas de aire laterales de largo completo y bolsas de aire laterales para pelvis y tórax los asientos delanteros. Esto, más la jaula de acero de avanzada significa que puede tener la certeza de que estará rodeado de seguridad.

Asistencia para estacionar en reversa ParkSense y cámara de visión trasera ParkView. En reversa, se muestra una visión amplia del área detrás del vehículo en la pantalla táctil del sistema Uconnect con líneas cuadrículadas para calcular la distancia en espacios reducidos. Eso significa estacionar con más facilidad y tranquilidad. Estos dos sistemas de asistencia para estacionar se incluyen en la colección Premier en el FIAT 500L Easy sin costo adicional.FT015_081FHPrecio Base: $21.545 – Con equipos opcionales $29.795

Garantía: 4 year/50,000Millas

Eficiencia en Combustible: 22mpg Ciudad – 30mpg Carretera.FT015_088FHA la playa, con un FIAT 500!!