The first workshops tackled the circuit’s “black lake” wet surface in a Golf VII 2.0 TDI. Drivers were able to experience the difference in wet cornering and hydroplaning between Bridgestone premium Turanza T001 tyres and low-cost imported tyres. A V-Box measuring system in the car then measured actual stopping distances in a wet braking test. Journalists saw that the average stopping distance was at least 4 metres shorter for the premium Bridgestone tyre than the low cost imports. That’s the length of an average car; more than enough to make the vital difference in an emergency braking situation in town. More importantly , the residual speed of the VW Golf fitted with the low cost tyres was still 22kph at minimum, which could undoubtedly lead to material damage in the event of hitting a car in front or even worse, a pedestrian.

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